Awards & Recognitions

New York State PTA and Suffolk Region PTA offer many awards and ways to recognize outstanding people and programs. Please follow the links below to learn more about the awards and how to apply.

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Erin Primm

Congratulations to the Following 2021-2023 Suffolk Region PTA Award Recipients:

2023 Distinguished Service Award

Sherry McKittrick


2023 Peg Davis Leadership Award

Wendy Natalone

2023 Danielle Alduino Scholarship Recipient

Gianna Cangro - Smithtown High School West


2022 Honorary Life Award

Dr. Julie Lutz 


2022 Suffolk Region Youth Humanitarian Award in Honor of Stanley Marcus Recipient

Ellie Alloway- Southold Junior-Senior High School


2021-2022 Suffolk Region Unsung Teacher of the Year Award

Emily Gutheil- Harborfields School District


2022 NYS PTA Jenkins Scholarship Recipients

Anthony Bearese- Lindenhurst High School PTSA

Ayden Fleming- Smithtown High School East PTA


2022 Suffolk Region Helen Maloney Newsletter Award

Candlewood Middle School PTA Monthly Newsletter


2022 Suffolk Region PTA PARP Award

Flower Hill PTA- Huntington School District


2021 National PTA School of Excellence Award

Merrimac Elementary PTA- Sachem School District


Congratulations to our Newest Chartered Units

Bayport-Blue Point SEPTA- Bayport-Blue Point School District


Congratulations to our 2022 ESBOCES and WSBOCES Scholarship Recipients:


Ileonette Amaya


Alexandria Colley


The Future of Teaching is Looking Bright!

 Jenkins Memorial Scholarship for Teacher Education

The Jenkins Memorial Scholarship was inaugurated in October, 1946, as a special Golden Anniversary Project. In 1947 the fund was established as a permanent project as a living memorial to the young people who lost their lives in military service during WWII and was named for one of them, Clifford N. Jenkins, Jr., son of Margaret Jenkins, New York State PTA President 1944-1947 and National PTA President 1961-1964. The purpose of the project is to assist outstanding students in preparing for the teaching profession.

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Suffolk Region, NYS & National PTA Awards- 

(Click on the award name below for online applications)

Suffolk Region PTA Awards: 

Applications due by November 15th:

 Ted Brigham Teacher of the Year Award

Applications due by November 30th:

The Danielle Alduino Memorial Scholarship Award

 The Danielle Alduino Memorial Scholarship Donation Form

Applications due by March 31st:

Unsung Teacher of the Year Award

Helen Maloney Newsletter Award

Applications for these Awards/Donations are accepted on an on-going basis:

 Peg Davis Leadership Award

 Peg Davis Leadership Application


Alice Willett Leadership Training Award

NYS PTA Awards:

Applications due by November 15th:

Susanne Smoller Commitment to Advocacy Youth Award  

Applications due by December 15th:

Jenkins Memorial Scholarship for Teacher Education

Applications due by January 31st:

Youth Humanitarian Award in Memory of Stanley Marcus

Applications due by March 15th:

Innovative Teacher Grant

Applications due by May 15th:

Family Engagement Award in Honor of Jami-Beth Knapp


Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) Award

         Applications due by June 15th:

Leadership Award in Honor of Jane Skrzypek


Teacher Fellowship for Graduate Study in Memory of Richard Gazzola


 Applications for these awards are accepted on an on-going basis:

Diamond and Golden Oak Awards for Special Recognition


Distinguished Service Award


Advocate in Action Award


Honorary Life Membership

National PTA Awards:

National PTA Life Achievement

National PTA School of Excellence Recognition

Jan Harpe Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award

Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grant