The Bylaws Wizard link is now located in MemberHub. Login and click your Admin Console button and look in the right-side navigation bar.

Or, you can access the Bylaws Wizard link from the NYS PTA home page at

The menu is across the top of the page

1. Click on the Leaders tab

2. Go to Bylaws/Procedures


As you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find all necessary documents to assist you in the completion of your bylaws.  We suggest that you download these documents for easy reference.


Click on "Click Here for Bylaws Wizard"

Log into the Portal, and once you have accessed your unit information, click on the Bylaws Wizard tab to input your bylaws information.

When you have completed your bylaws review, print out a copy to bring to your membership for a vote.  The bylaws must be approved by a 2/3 vote (30 days' notice must be given for the vote).

Once the membership has approved the bylaws, you MUST send the signed cover sheet to the Bylaws Chair in order for them to be processed.  

You may send a hard copy to:

Bylaws Chair

25 Robbins Avenue

Islip, NY 11751

or, you may scan the copy and email it to:



Questions?  Contact us at

Bylaws form the legally binding document that governs an association.

Bylaws are designed to help a PTA group function in an orderly manner. The bylaws of the association include all the rules that the society considers so important that they (a) cannot be changed without previous notice and (b) cannot be suspended. Every member of an association board should have access to a copy of the bylaws.

The bylaws must be updated every 3 years to keep your unit or council in good standing with the State and National PTA. Bylaws are the backbone of your organization. All units and councils  MUST use the new Bylaws WIZARD process which is user friendly and takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Once you have completed the review process, the bylaws are sent electronically to the Region Bylaws Chair (RBC) who will review them and after they have received your signed cover sheet, will forward them electronically to the NYS PTA Bylaws Coordinator for approval. Once approved, you will receive an email notifying you with a link to an electronic copy of the approved bylaws as a PDF.  Two hard copies of your bylaws will also be sent to you by the Region Bylaws Chair.


We encourage you to have written Procedures where the executive committee and executive board roles can be described in more detail than in your bylaws.  The NYS PTA Resource Guide, Section 7 outlines information about writing procedures and includes examples of sample procedures for you to use.

Questions?  Contact the Suffolk Region Bylaws Chair: