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Reflections Chairs, did you know that the status of your unit can impact the ability for your students to participate in Reflections?

2023-2024 Official Rules

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The PTA Reflections program is known as one of the largest and oldest student recognition in the arts, founded in 1969. The importance of exposing students to arts is without question. As recently reported in a Harvard University study, students exposed to the arts are found to be more tolerant and empathetic. Participation in the arts also enhances students critical thinking skills. Suffolk Region PTA thanks you for supporting this program that has such a positive impact on students.

Any questions?  Please contact Christine Johnson at 

Submission Deadline to Suffolk Region is December 7th

(please see submission instructions below)

Announcing the 2023-2024 Reflections Theme:

"I Am Hopeful Because...."

Submission Instructions:

Important information from Suffolk Region PTA's Reflections Chair

Attention all units participating in Reflections this year! Our deadline to submit your unit's entries is December 7th

We are asking that entries be submitted using a google form.

Questions? Email Suffolk Region's Reflections Chair, Christine Johnson at

Suffolk Region PTA Proudly Announces our 2022-2023 Reflections Winners!

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Congratulations to all Suffolk Region PTAs  that participated in this year's Reflections Program!!


National Level Winners:

Outstanding Interpretation 

Sarina Policastro

Film Production: "Amira's Letters"           
Ward Melville High School PTSA

Award of Merit

James Haire

Film Production

William Rall PTA 

Click here to view the complete list of National winners

State Level Winners:

 Award of Excellence (moved to National level of judging) 

Orion Edwards-Wilson - (Music Composition- Intermediate Division) Cayuga Elementary School PTA

Eli Goldberg - (Visual Arts- Senior Division) Commack Council of PTA

James Haire - (Film Production- Intermediate Division) William Rall PTA

Lily London - (Photography- Senior Division) Half Hollow Hills HS East PTA

Araceli Morales - (Dance Choreography- Primary Division) Sunquam Elementary School PTA

Sarina Policastro - (Film Production- Senior Division) Ward Melville HS PTSA

Sky Riekert - (Visual Arts- Special Artist Division) Rocky Point Elementary PTA

Mylo Trinagel - (Photography- Special Artist Division) Commack Council of PTA

Award of Merit

Patrick Acierno - (Photography- Special Artist Division) Twin Pines Elementary PTA

Caelan Bues - (Photography- Middle Division) Oldfield PTA

Cierra Bues - (Photography- Intermediate Division) Thomas J Lahey PTA

Rosie Carrillo - (Literature- Primary Division) Woodhull School PTA

Ariana Cimino - (Dance Choreography- Primary Division) Oquenock Elementary School PTA

Olivia Cockren - (Music Composition- Primary Division) Cayuga Elementary School PTA

Lola Duff - (Photography- Senior Division) Commack Council of PTA

Cassidy Goodman - (Visual Arts- Middle Division) Seneca MS PTA

Finn Gray - (Photography- Primary Division)  Mills Pond Elementary PTA

Kayla Greenblatt - (Photography- Senior Division) Half Hollow Hills HS East PTA

Megan Happel - (Literature- Senior Division) Harborfields High School PTSA

Tyler Holzweiss - (Photography- Middle Division) Stimson Middle School PTA

Aria Isoldi - (Dance Choreography- Intermediate Division) Bayview PTA

Jake Katzman - (Music Composition- Senior Division) Commack Council PTA

Madelyn Melgar - (Photography- Special Artist Division) Oldfield PTA

Elijah Mendoza - (Visual Arts- Special Artist Division) Maud S. Sherwood PTA

Maya Millman - (Literature- Primary Division) Countrywood PTA

Arya R Modi - (Literature- Middle Division) Candlewood Middle School PTA

Kishan Nanavati - (Music Composition- Intermediate Division) Signal Hill PTA, Inc.

Cara Oggeri - (Music Composition- Primary Division) Ocean Avenue PTA

Zayne Prashad - (Visual Arts- Primary Division) Jefferson Elementary School PTA

Joshua Saponieri - (Film Producation- Primary Division) Tamarac PTA

Lorna Skibins - (Film Production- Middle Division) Oldfield PTA

Tyler Striga - (Film Production- Middle Division) Stimson Middle School PTA

Guilia Tommeseo - (Photography- Intermediate Division) William E DeLuca JR Elementary School PTA

Bella Veraldi - (Dance Choreography- Middle Division) Rocky Point Elementary PTA

Click here to view the full list of NYS PTA Winners

National PTA Reflections Theme Search

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PARP/Literacy News

Congratulations to Flower Hill PTA (Huntington) for being recognized as the 2022-2023 NYS PTA State Honorable Mention Winner and the Suffolk Region PTA PARP Winner!!  

Suffolk Region 2023-2024 PARP Chair, Bevin Llanes

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